About Us

Training for Wealth is a name that we came up with around 2015. At the time we were really looking to expand into Network Marketing, but didn’t have a good idea how we were going to brand ourselves. Well, after a conversation with someone who had the words Trainer and Wealthy in their domain, we figured out what route we would take.

For a few years this domain, TrainingForWealth.com, was a place where we had articles about “Branding You” and how to go about getting people to know more about you.

These days it serves as a portal to help spread the work about Forex. Our main site, ForexSecretsUnleashed.com (FSU) is where all of the action takes place. However, we still add content to this site in order to help reach those we might miss with FSU.

Thank YOU for stopping by. Please feel free to keep reading this site, or head over to ForexSecretsUnleashed.com to learn even more.